Friday, July 3, 2009

2,800 Miles

We took a vacation!! :) After my test on June 16th we left from Indianapolis to visit Nick's side of the family in Florida. It is over a 20 hour trip and over 2,800 miles round trip! Here are some pictures of the state welcome signs. (side note: I did not like the picture of the FL sign that I got and do not feel that it is blog worthy, so I am leaving it off, but I do promise we were in FL. Also I decided to leave the Georgia sign off too, the picture was not very good!) We drove through Indiana (obviously), Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and then all the way through Florida to his dad's place in Doral and then to his mom's place in Cape Coral. To say the least we were able to become quite acquainted with our car. :)
I was so excited to actually have time to read books other than Nursing books. I have never been a big reader, but after such an important test it was nice to just relax and read something that I didn't have to focus on and remember the information. The books that I read all the way through during our drive were 90 minutes in heaven, 5 love languages of a married couple, and Fireproof! I loved them all. There were times that I cried and laughed. Poor Nick he must have thought that I lost my mind, but I seriously enjoyed all of the books so much!

On our first day of driving I was done with my test by 10 am and we drove until 10 pm and stopped in Georgia about 30 minutes from FL! On our second day of driving we left in the morning and got to Florida around 3ish in the afternoon...I think?!? I'm forgetting the details already. On our first day we went to Nick's dad's place and spent some time with him. While we were there, he took us to Ft. Lauderdale beach, Key West, where we snorkeled and spent the night, and we also were able to spend Father's day with him. After we took him out to breakfast for Father's day we left to drive to Cape Coral where we spent some time with his mom and sister. When we started the long trek back home we stopped in Georgia again for the night, but then instead of driving all the way back to Indiana, we stopped in Kentucky to see my brother, sister in law, and niece.

Here is a picture of Uncle Nick and Maddie in the truck on the way to Mike's softball game! :) So cute!! We don't love our niece or anything!! :)
We had a great trip and loved seeing family that we haven't had the chance to see for awhile! Now it's back to real life. So happy I was able to receive the news from my dad over vacation that I passed my test and became an RN. We were in FL at a gas station when I found out!! :)