Monday, January 19, 2009


I really don't have much to blog about. I did want to put up a couple of the pictures that I took on New Year's eve. We really did not do a whole lot on New Year's. We are total homebodies...that is for sure!
It's hard to even remember now what we did. :) I think we just watched movies until midnight and then turned on the TV to watch the ball drop and that was about it. We of course had to have champagne though!

On a different note...we have been back in school for a week and a half or two weeks, but we have both had 1 snow day already! :) I have to say I have not been the greatest with my homework so far. I get it done, but I've had ample opportunity to get it done early and I do NOT take advantage of's a very bad quality. Also, right now I am in Med Surg clinicals...Ugh..not my fave! is a picture of me in my scrubs the first day of clinicals..haha.

I am really hoping that after this last and final rotation of my nursing school career I will be able to find some clarity in what kind of nursing I want to go in to. I love OB and women's health, which it would be great to possibly get an office job after we have kids, but I think it might be a good idea to get a background in something that isn't as specialized too. I don't know what to do! Ahhh! :) I love and hate that with Nursing you have so many options. It really complicates things when you have options sometimes. Enough of me rambling about this. :)

You may have noticed that in my last post, which was short and to the point it was about a blogger named Kelly and her newborn baby, Harper. I highly encourage you to read her blog if you have time. Her faith and commitment in God is amazing! It's also amazing how many people in the "blog world" have huddled behind her and her family during this really difficult time that they are going through. It's a really fun read too. :) It cracks me up...I hate reading books, but I can sit all night on the computer reading other people's blogs. Hmm...

I suppose I should do something tonight before Nick gets home from know..try to be a good wife. :)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pray for Harper

There is a blog that I have been following for awhile now and the blogger, Kelly is just amazing! She recently had her first daughter Harper and she is now having some breathing problems and has
been air lifted to a Children's Hospital. To get more details you can go to Kelly's blog here or check my side bar for the blogs that I follow.

Please just keep Kelly and Harper in your prayers!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tennessee in all of it's splendor!

We had an amazing trip in Tennessee. The first day we got there it was in the 70's and was amazing. The first thing we did when we got there was open up the 2 doors and just look at our amazing view! We had looked forever online and finally found a cabin that Nick felt satisfied with that would be secluded enough. Some of the cabins are very close to each other so I did understand where he was coming from and it was PERFECT!! We went with a cabin rental company called Volunteer Cabin Rentals and we have never had any problems with them. My parents have also gone through them, and their cabins are great. The cabin that we had was called "Unforgettable" and it was just that. It is the perfect place to go to for a romantic getaway... that is for sure! It was just great for us to get away from work, school, and bills and just spend some quality time together. This past semester was difficult trying to balance working
opposite shifts, going to school at different times, and just life! That is the best way to put it.
I just can NOT wait until the day that Nick and I are in a relationship that does NOT involve
school! :) It will come soon back to TN...Our first night there we did not go into town and do anything...we stayed at the cabin and made dinner (a little side note here....making dinner all 3 nights included putting a pizza in the oven! ) The reason we did that was we wanted something easy, we didn't want to have to buy a bunch of food, and we didn't want left better than a frozen pizza???
Ok so then after dinner we hung out in the hot tub, played pool, watched a movie, and checked
out the heart shaped jacuzzi tub....can you say heavenly? Then on day 2 we made breakfast, got
ready and went into Pigeon Forge. It was sprinkling rain and was very foggy!!! So we went to the Christmas Store that we've been to a few times now...didn't find anything, then we went to lunch, and then to the outlet mall. I found tons of stuff and Nick didn't find much, but I guess that is how the cookie crumbles. :) hehe. I have to add this though. When we were driving back I think it was around 6pm and it was dark!! I mean really dark, then it was still foggy! I can not explain how bad it was, unless you've driven in the mountains before it is hard to explain. We could not even see in front of us when we were trying to get back to the cabin. Luckily Nick just got me a GPS for Christmas so we used that and it showed how the roads curved, but it was still really really scary! At one point I had to get out and walk a little bit so Nick knew where to drive. Ugh! It was crazy!! So then when we got back we just hung out at the cabin, again sitting in the hot tub, watching a movie/TV, played pool, and I think we sat in the jacuzzi tub again. We had to get the full benefit of our cabin! Then on day 3 we really took an easy! We woke up late, ate breakfast, sat in the hot tub while it was sprinkling rain (that was so awesome), we were in there for awhile and then decided to start getting ready and our plans were to go to the Old Mill Restaurant.....Yumm-O! We had been there before with my family, but man is the food there good! To say the least...we were NOT on the diet while we were there. :) Then we went back to the outlet mall to get a few more things we didn't get before and went back to the cabin. Our main intention for that day was to eat at Old Mill and relax at the cabin. It was rainy and foggy on that day too, but not nearly as bad as before. We also made sure to get back earlier so it wasn't as dark. To say the least...It was amazing! I feel so grateful to have been able to spend that time with Nick! I remember going to TN with my parents when I was younger and I always wondered why they didn't take us other places for our family vacations like the Bahamas, or somewhere exotic and fun like that, but looking back on it I'm glad we did go to TN. Hey it says something that now with my husband we choose to go there for a vacation. I know someday I would like to take my kids and stay in a cabin. It is just such a fun experience.
Not to sound like a complete corn ball, but when I am in TN I feel so close to God. I guess it is partly because how could someone look at a mountain and not believe there is something greater out there then all of us? Not only that, but just everything, the sky, clouds, I don't know how to put it into words, but when I am there I just feel so at peace. Also because I have so many family members who are from TN it makes me feel like I am in touch with my "roots" I think of my great-grandma Kitts, my grandpa Isley, and many family members I never even had the opportunity to meet.
This is starting to be really long and I still have to add pictures. I have decided to start blogging at work, save it, and then I will add pictures when I get home....Hopefully it will work.
Try not to be too jealous of our awesome Tennessee vacation! :)
It was exactly what we needed before starting our final semester in college!!!!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

We are the traveling fools!!!'s been a long time! It seems like we did a lot of traveling over our Christmas Break. It all started on Christmas day when we went with my parents to Michigan to visit my aunt Debbie and her family. We originally were planning on going to a wedding further north in Michigan, but after learning it was a 4 hour drive just one way, we decided to not go. Then on my birthday we went out for lunch to......Yummy P.F. Changs. That place is good...especially if you like Chinese. ;)

Then we drove home and Nick went and got me a birthday cake from DQ...if he got one...I had to get one too. :) hehe Here is a picture of the cake he picked out...

He also got me a beautiful heart pendant necklace and we ate pizza. It was a fun relaxing night.
After that trip we were home for awhile and then went to Kentucky to see Mike, Tara, and Maddie and then headed to Tennessee to stay in a cabin. I will post more about that later. I have been on the computer way too long tonight.
So next time I will fill you in on New years and Tennessee. :)
Take care.