Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nettie Cleo

On February 15th we celebrated my Grandma Nettie's birthday! How else...well going to Ponderosa of course! :) It is somewhat funny, Grandma hardly ever eats anything, but we are able to get her to eat when she goes to Ponderosa. Of course compared to the rest of us she doesn't eat much, but I think she enjoyed the day.
On her birthday we didn't do anything else after taking her to Ponderosa, but we did spend about 2 hours there just talking, eating, and having fun! I love my Grandma! When they sang Happy Birthday to her...but of course it was the Pondo way she had the biggest smile on her face. This picture shows it all.

I feel so blessed that growing up I lived only 5 minutes away from Grandma's house. I love the memories that I have going to her house to have her babysit me and we were able to spend time watching The Price is Right, picking strawberries in a field behind her house, walking up and down the road to her neighbor's houses to visit with people, and most of all just spending time together. Grandma is one of the strongest, most Godly women that I know. She has been an incredible example for me on how to live your life and love your family. She will never know the depth of how much I appreciate her and all of the time that I was able to spend with her growing up. I wish life wouldn't have gotten so hectic and I was still able to spend the same amount of time with her now. I know that I am the stubborn person I am today because of her! I love you Grandma!!!


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